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David Deniman


Grinns™ is both a philosophy and an avocation.

Grinns™ believes the rec-room represents fun, friendship and good fortune. It is the place to play, to celebrate, be happy and to relax in casual comfort. It is the deep down feel good of family and friends, coworkers, neighbors and community.

Grinns™ is also the great big grin you can't hold back, because your skill and luck are so amazingly awesome at times! It's the companionship of good people, keeping it real, challenging, welcoming, celebrating and laughing.

Grinns™ is a belief in the power of play:

  • as the highest expression of our humanity
  • as a way to improve our efficiency and productivity at work
  • and as the answer to the question, how does anything new come about?
  • "You can discover more about a person in an hour of play
    than in a year of conversation"
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